Catering and Food Service

Catering and Food Service Training is tailored to equip hospitality personnel in restaurants and hotels to function professionally.

Trainees will be adequately equipped with professional skills in:-

1. Maintaining Effective Service Delivery in Food Service/kitchen Operations.

2. Maintaining Quality Customer Care in Restaurant and Hotel Operations.

3. Maintaining Inter-departmental Conflicts.

4. Maintaining Healthy working Relationship between Management-Staff-Customers.

5. Acquiring Cookery Skills in creating innovative recipes/inter-continental cuisines.

TRAINING ELEMENTS: Each of these Modules is designed with ‘result targeted’ evaluation exercises and on-the-job practical periods:

· Food Portioning and Control (FPC)

· Kitchen Organization Menu Planning (KOMP)

· Maintaining Hygienic and Food Safety Standards in HOTEL Operations (HFSHO)

· How To Handle Difficult Customers (HDC)

· How To Manage Inter-departmental Conflicts (MIDC)

· How To Treat Customers Complaints (TCC)

· How To Maintain a Healthy and Productive working Environment (HPWE)

· Special Vocabularies in Hospitality Service Operations (SVHO)

· Cookery Innovations and inter-Continental Dishes (CID)

· Kitchen and Cookery Techniques (KCT)

· Healthy Ingredients and Food Preservation (HIFO)

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