Restaurant Management

Under our Restaurant Management Service we manage your establishment for an agreed period.

Key features are:

· Staff training in Hospitality Operations, Quality Control and Marketing Skills to minimize operational cost and maximize profits.

· We take charge of the management of the business and work with an agreed blue print (Working Document) to run the business professionally.

· We create a niche for your enterprise thereby developing your establishment to a recognized brand through its products and services.

· We professionally support the productions, packaging and sales of your products and services.

· We set-up Administrative and Internal control mechanisms for proper accountability and dual control in the operations of your business.

· We set-up realistic operational goals.This way, we technically spur the operational/management team to achieve the set goals within a given period as we set the pace for the growth of the establishment in patronage and increased sales/profits.

The shortest duration for our this service is usually 12 to 24 months. Our charges are determined by the tenure of engagement. (Our Terms and conditions shall apply)

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