Cookery and Basic Entrepreneurship Skills Training (CABEST)

Throughout the world, catering business has continued to assume tremendous growth. In recent years, more people than ever, have diversified in various forms of cookery trade. Interestingly, the full potentials of the sector are yet to be fully maximized.

Training Objectives
·To improve cooking skills of men and women
·Provide interested persons with marketable skills in catering and cookery trade.
·To equip trainees with the basic entrepreneurship and management skills to succeed in business.

For Whom
· Students
· Teenagers (Girls and Boys)
· Entrepreneurial men and women
· Graduates
· Interested persons.

The Training: Trainees will be fully equipped with:
· Ability to evolve own home menu.
· Ability to setup private small cookery businesses.
· Ability to prepare exotic beverages.
· Ability to prepare snacks for all occasions.
· Added knowledge and skills in catering.
· Entrepreneurship values and potentials in cookery.
· Safe operations of kitchen appliances.
· Access e-cookery and food resources.
· Ability to explore entrepreneurship network.

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